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Inflatable Boats & Rigid Inflatable Boats

Every boats are designed to provide complete enjoyment at sea. For sea lovers of all nautical sports from fishing to waterskiing and diving, you can find the boat of your choice.

These boats were designed to provide ease of maneuver in mind and to offer the crew all the space needed with the highest level of comfort, performance and security in which giving you the best experience out at sea.


Its large buoyancy tubes give a low center of gravity, thus the boats are practically impossible to capsize

Loading Capacity
Zodiac boat’s buoyancy is far greater than that of a traditional boat thus giving it a higher loading capacity

The boats can be up to 3 times lighter than a comparable fiberglass boat, making transporting easier and more efficient 

Many of our boats, that have inflatable tube and collapsible floor, are able to be stored on a shelf or in a closet and transported in the trunk of a car

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About Pamarine

Founded in 1975, Pamarine is a privately held market leader focused on the supply and servicing of marine equipment.

As a highly qualified and dedicated partner to our clients, consulting on equipment needs and regulatory controls, Pamarine delivers turnkey solutions supported by uncompromising high standards of service that are certified to the latest requirements of IMO, SOLAS, the EU and USCG.

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