-25.4mm x 3.6mtr x 0.5mm thk -50.8mm x 3.6mtr x 0.5mm thk

Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

BluFusion silicone tape, made of pure silicone, is the most versatile self-fusing repair tape for emergencies and all-purpose repairs. It is the strongest, fastest-fusing repair tape and can be used under very critical conditions. Just by stretching and wrapping it around an object onto itself, it will quickly and easily create a permanent airtight, waterproof seal in just seconds! It can even (without cleaning first) be used on dirty and wet surfaces.

BluFusion silicone tape let you repair leaks on plumbing and hoses in a flash, make underwater repairs, use it on electrical wiring or as shrink-wrap, wrap tool handles, or connect two separate objects. BluFusion silicone tape is easy to remove and will never leave a residue.


US Military Specs CID A-A-59163 Type I & II, Underwriter Laboratories Listed

Insulates 8000 Volts per layer, Heat resistant up to 260ºC, Remains exible till -65ºC, Works even on wet, dirty and oily surfaces

Emergency repairs on all vehicles, machines and boats, Seal leaky hoses, pipes, tubing and ttings, Wrap tools and handles for a perfect non-slip grip

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About Pamarine

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