-Davit Launch -Davit Launch Self Righting -Throw Over -Throw Over Self Righting -Open Reversible Liferaft

    Life Rafts

    Liferaft plays a significant role of survival in the event of a disasters at sea, thus being resilient is an essential factor in the Marine environment. The equipment packs included in the liferafts are sealed in strong watertight bags and secured to the internal safety line of the liferafts.


    Superior value proposition to customers from product design, through to manufacturing and delivery

    Comply with international requirements of SOLAS and IMO

    High characteristics, heavy duty material, over 50 years of design & manufacturing experience

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    About Pamarine

    Founded in 1975, Pamarine is a privately held market leader focused on the supply and servicing of marine equipment.

    As a highly qualified and dedicated partner to our clients, consulting on equipment needs and regulatory controls, Pamarine delivers turnkey solutions supported by uncompromising high standards of service that are certified to the latest requirements of IMO, SOLAS, the EU and USCG.

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