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Underwater Vessel Maintenance

Underwater hull roughness, marine fouling, bent propellers and poor paint condition are all factors that will affect the vessel’s performance which causes increase in fuel usage due to the drag or inefficiency created by the damaged or affected area.

Carrying out preventive actions keeps a vessel in the best condition possible and can even result in an increase of the optimum operating performance of the ship.

All procedures and techniques used are fully approved by the major classification societies. All operations can be carried out in port or while the vessel is stationary at sea. Normal commercial activities can therefore continue without disruption. This helps owners extend drydock intervals and eliminates the loss of time and production that drydocking entails.

Hydrex offers maintenance services to help shipowners optimize the performance of their vessels wherever and whenever they are needed, enabling vessels to stay in class and in business without the need for frequent drydocking.

Underwater Vessel Maintenance:

- Underwater Hull Survey & Monitoring
- Underwater Ship Hull Cleaning
- Propeller Maintenance

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About Pamarine

Founded in 1975, Pamarine is a privately held market leader focused on the supply and servicing of marine equipment.

As a highly qualified and dedicated partner to our clients, consulting on equipment needs and regulatory controls, Pamarine delivers turnkey solutions supported by uncompromising high standards of service that are certified to the latest requirements of IMO, SOLAS, the EU and USCG.

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